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If you have previously set up a Clio Connect account and accessed resources shared with you by our office, please log into Clio Connect here.

Your Secure Client Portal

For your safety and convenience, our firm uses Clio Connect for sharing and storing our clients’ digital files.

What is Clio Connect?
Clio Connect is a secure, web-based client portal which allows legal clients and co-counsel to collaborate with lawyers on cases online. Clients can access specific resources shared by their lawyer, such as Documents, Tasks, Calendar events, and Invoices, in addition to an encrypted Secure Messaging feature for communication.

How do I access Clio Connect?
Find the invitation email from our firm in your email inbox. (Note: Please check your junk folders.)
Click on the link in the email. If this is your first-time using Clio Connect, you will need to set up an account.
To get set up with Clio Connect, complete a form with your name, email, and a secure password. Your password will be used for all future logins.

As a client, how do I access a file my lawyer has shared with me?
Once you’ve been invited to use Clio Connect by our office and have set up your Clio account, you can access files in two ways:
1. By clicking on the “View [Item Name]” link in the email from your lawyer.
2. By signing into Clio Connect directly and accessing files in the web portal.

Get Started with Clio Connect.

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