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Montpelier Attorney Claudia I. Pringles will address some of the key questions and concerns seniors need to keep in mind as they plan for their own futures and for their transfer of responsibility to their loved ones. Among the areas on which Attorney Pringles will focus are the importance of matching skills and temperament to task when choosing who will play key roles involved in Estate Planning, such as Executor, Trustee, Power of Attorney Agent, Advance Directive Agent, and Guardian; how transparency in your Estate Planning process can help keep peace in your family; safeguarding the assets of family members who have difficulty managing such on their own; protecting oneself and one’s loved ones in the event of disability or incapacitation; and making sure that your wishes are carried out in such a way that what you want to happen actually will happen, and happen with the least amount of distress to your loved ones. This class will be presented in readily understandable, conversational English – not in legal jargon-ese. Each session will include opportunities for Q&A.

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