We are happy to welcome this beautiful cat to join us for a probationary stay — based on good behavior. Since she has been held in custody for the serious crimes of extreme cuteness, persistent affection, and constant nudity in public, her stay might be quite long. She is described as a Sphynx (a hairless cat), with dark spots, about 0’11.5” tall and weighing 6 3/4 pounds. It is probably best for society that this adorable menace is not roaming the beautiful streets of Montpelier. We are happy to house this sweet, hairless angel to keep our community safe!

All jokes aside, we are looking forward to giving her a chance to make our office her home! We’re calling this a probationary period because it’s a grand experiment. If having her in our office is a good fit for her, our team, and our clients, we will be happy to make our office her permanent residence. If it is not a good fit for any reason, we are committed to finding her a happy, healthy forever home. We hope that many of you will welcome her as well. However, if you experience allergies or just do not want to see our cat, know that she will not be offended. We keep her in the enclosed section of our office downstairs, so she does not interrupt any business being conducted. If you have allergies, please let us know as we are happy to clean and accommodate your needs in any way possible.

Even though she is on lockdown for the safety of us all, we do allow visitors during the allotted times (our business hours). If you would like to greet the Naked Menace of Montpelier, just ask! We will be happy to introduce you and she will love the attention.

Office Cat on Probation